My Energizer Bunny

Posted by abie on 2:21 PM in
Hubby was on holiday yesterday. I was so green with envy at first because I thought that he will have a good rest on that day but I was wrong.

Of course I have to ask him to drive me to work as I woke up late yesterday so instead of sleeping until 9 or 10 AM, he has to wake up early too to take me to work. Then he has to take Bela to school also around just before lunch time. And since I forgot my pump and my milk bottles at home because I was so hurrying up so I won’t be late, I have to asked hubby to drive back to Makati after taking Bela to school to deliver my pump. And since hubby is really such a perfect and sweet husband, he still offered to pick me up from work after fetching Bela to school.

Oh well, that is just Howell, my energizer bunny and a very patient one as you will not hear him complain even for one tiny second even though I know he is so tired already from driving around from one city to the next. That is just how much he loves me and the kids.


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