Twitter Christmas Party 2010

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Last Sunday, we attended our first Christmas party for this year, the Twitter Christmas party. Every time I tell my friends and family that we are having our Christmas party already, they all say that it is still too early. But you know how busy the Bebots/MBAPS/Tweeps are and so we really have to schedule our Christmas party before our busy December.

The party was held at Shakeys Blue Wave Macapagal. They said that their party area can accommodate up to 80 guests but with just 65 people (adult and kids), there is really not much space to move. But despite the limited area that we have, we still managed to have fun.

The party started with the games for the kids (and I must say for the mommies too as they are all fighting to win a prize for their kids) and then we had lunch. After eating, we proceeded with the blowing of the birthday candle of Bianca to celebrate her 4th birthday and they served the 32” pizza courtesy of Jody for Bianca’s birthday. Then we went straight to the Kids exchange gift, raffle for the kids and the daddies and the much awaited activity, the White Elephant game.

Just like last year, the white elephant game was really a blast and the favourite gift for this year, the radio with CD player from Jane and the jewelry box with P1000 Starbucks gift certificate from Jody. LOL. Everybody was really eyeing for this gift but the rule is we can only steal it thrice. But that is where the fun begins, when we try to steal the gift that has been opened already and wait for the reaction of the victim. LOL.

Jacqui told us that for next year, the new rule is we should not bring gifts that have been given already in the previous years so we can be more creative with the gifts that we will bring. Maybe I should start buying for jewelry making supplies so I can start making jewelries as my gift for the white elephant game next year.

We only have 2 hours of party time in Shakeys and with all the activities lined up for the programs, and all the chika, that two hours is really not enough. But as always we really had a wonderful and fun party. Everybody was really happy, especially the kids and the mommies. Our group of friends is really growing and for sure next year we will even be bigger. So we really need to look for a bigger venue.

It was nice seeing you all again guys. Howell, Bela, Cobi and I really had fun. Thanks for all the loots and for great company. Let’s make sure that we will do this again next year.


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