Housekeeping Always Involves the Checkbook

Posted by abie on 7:32 PM in
No matter what anybody may tell you, keeping a clean house also involves keeping a carefully maintained, detailed checkbook. Now this isn't to suggest that I'm some kind of bookie (I don't like doing illegal things — not worth it in the end). I also don't want you to think that my occupation is that of an accountant or anything like that. I'm just an ordinary mom that likes to keep on top of things. I know what can happen to people when they let their expenses (or even just their "fun stuff" spending) get out of control. While it might be fun at first, it never seems to end well for anyone.

In some people's cases, they just spend and spend until they have pretty much nothing left of their paycheck by Monday or Tuesday. And while that fun and fancy free style goes great when everything is going well, the first time something unexpected pops up they are up a creek without much of a paddle. Granted, Payday One is always a lifeline if you need it, but who wants to lean on lending services all the time? It's nice to have things like that available but imagine trying to pay back your loan if another bad thing happens a little while later.

If your spending is too nuts, it's like having a nasty home. When your home is a mess, critters want to stay there. Diseases and bugs breed in the mess and filth, and pretty soon your entire family has taken ill. While having a bad habit of not keeping your register up to date (and keeping a decent amount of money in it) probably won't make you sick, it will make things more difficult if you do. Do you really want to live from check to check like that? Do you really want to live with all that constant fear?


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