My Daughter: The Walking Scrapbook

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We went to visit my mother a few weeks ago and I was worried that my daughter, who is in that awkward teenager phase, would find the whole trip a real bore.

But, to my great surprise and delight, my girl struck up a real conversation with her grandma, talking about fashions through the years and the cyclical nature of style.

Dear daughter was surprised to learn that some of the clothing she and her friends are sporting today is similar in style to items that my momma and myself both wore at different times in our lives.

Well, after a flick through the family albums she had to concede that there were similarities in the clothes we had worn, although apparently I looked like a dork in the clothes she and her friends now consider cool.

I did have to laugh at the incredulous look on her face when grandma said that she had owned a gorgeous shearling coat more than three decades ago, and it was an utter delight to see her eyes light up when her grandma declared that she believed she still had it somewhere.

Soon we were up the ladder and into the attic, where we not only discovered my mother's shearling coat, but also a few boxes that had been placed up there full of items I myself hadn’t felt quite ready to part with when the tide of trend changed. Two hours later we emerged with arms full of clothes destined for a second shot at starring in the style stakes and one very happy teenage girl.

She is off out with friends today and just came through to say goodbye, wearing her grandma's shearling and my old jeans – I wonder if she realizes she is a walking scrapbook, wearing the memories of her maternal forbears? I doubt it, but she certainly thinks she looks good.


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