My Terrible Mistake

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Oh my gosh, I made a terrible boo-boo. I was calling orphanages as I was looking for a venue on where we can celebrate Bela’s birthday like we always do every year since Hospicio de San Jose (our adopted orphanage for four years now) has no more available slot on the date that I want.

So I called Caritas Manila to inquire. I talked to one of the in-charge there and she told me that she will ask for the permission of their Administrator if we can use one of the rooms there to host the party and they will let me know as soon as they get the approval. But I did not hear anything from them and then a week after I inquired with Caritas, it was announced that November 16 is a holiday and so we can have the party at Hospicio since the kids will not have class. And since it is the exact birthday of Bela, we all preferred then to celebrate at Hospicio.

I know it is my fault because even if I did not hear back from the organizers of Caritas, I should have given them a call to confirm and because I did not do that, they assumed that the party will push through. And so the kids waited for us last Sunday but we did not came. I got a call from the organizer that I talked to at Caritas yesterday to let me know what happened and I really felt bad that I almost cried.

I told them how sorry I was and I promised to visit them on Saturday so I can bring little donation that they can use for the feeding program and if business is good, I will really try to hold another party at Caritas this December to make up for what I did with the kids.

I am really truly and very, very sorry!!


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