Addicted to eBay? Not Me.

Posted by abie on 7:17 AM in ,
Remember my post a few days ago about Howell not winning his first bid on eBay? Well he is still not over that magazine since after loosing his bid, he has been checking out eBay everyday to see if there is a similar magazine being sold or being auctioned on eBay. And he did succeed in finding one and it even has a Buy me now option so he didn’t have to go through the torture of waiting in anticipation if he won or not. He got so excited that he immediately paid for it (he has to wake me up to ask for my paypal details since the seller only accepts paypal. LOL) without even waiting for the invoice. LOL.

And just recently he bought another item again: Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier Thrilla in Manila POSTER. He said that it is a rare collection so he bought it as soon as he saw it on eBay.

So who is more addicted to eBay now? LOL.


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