HK Accommodations: Booked

Posted by abie on 12:07 PM in
We’re booked. For our accommodations in Hong Kong, that is. I made online reservations last week for our city accommodation and our one night stay at Disney’s Hollywood hotel.

I booked BP International for our city accommodation and I booked them through hotel travel. BP International is not really one of those five start hotels in Hong Kong like the Marco Polo hotel that has free standing bathtubs in their bathroom. But every time we are in Hong Kong, we always stayed here since their rates are really okay and their rooms and bathrooms are clean, which is really an important thing for me. Their rooms are really not that big but that is just normal for Hong Kong standards I already received a confirmation email from Hotel Travel and they also sent me our hotel voucher.

I also booked one night stay at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel last Saturday and I just got a confirmation email today that my reservation is also confirmed. It is our first time to stay here so we are all excited. I haven’t checked though if their rooms are equipped with discount walk in bathtubs as a nice long bath would be perfect to sooth my aching muscles after one tiring day. But I know the hotel has a swimming pool and my sister and my cousin is planning to go swimming during our stay there. I just don’t know if they would still have a time for this.

And although my wish is really to stay at one of those five star hotels in Hong Kong, I think we can settle for BP International and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel this time as I prefer to have a bigger budget for shopping than our hotel accommodation. Maybe, when we get home, I will just convince my husband to check out bathtubs store and maybe we can install one at our home.


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