Weekend Snapshot # 6 - Fun times at the Little Gym

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These pictures was taken during our daughter’s last Show Day at the Little Gym. Parachute time is one of Bela’s favorite activities at the gym. Even though she is always wandering around at class, as soon as she sees the parachute she will right away join her teacher and her other classmates for the parachute activity. Look at the smile on her face which shows how much she likes this activity.

She has been enrolled under the Beasties program of the Little Gym for three quarters now and I can say that it has really helped a lot for her psychomotor and social development. We decided not to enroll her for the next quarter as she will be starting her classes at preschool come June but we will definitely come back at the Little Gym come summer time.


uy enrolled na pala si bela sa TU!

That looks like tons of fun!

Oh what a fun day schooling time...

Great shots of the children and I'm sure they had a great time.

that's fun...

Oh, so much fun! It's nice to see these young ones are being active and having so much fun at the same time :)

wah, that looks like so much fun!! :)

Jean Chia

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